LMP Focus Areas

Join the Team, Be the Change

Quick quiz: Are you in a unit-based team?


“No, not me — Jill Doe is. She attends the meetings and tells us what happened later.”


Buzzzzz! Wrong. You are in a UBT. In fact, everybody in your unit is a member of the UBT. 


Through process improvement your team can change things for the better. If something does not work right, figure out a new way to do it. If you try a new way and it’s not working, toss it and try something new. Change is about taking risks to make things better.


Good communication is essential to high performing and engaged teams. Use the materials below to create a stronger, more dynamic team. It's worth the effort. 


People are much more likely to embrace change if it builds on the passion, the sense of a calling that got them into health care in the first place.
Helen Bevan British health care leader
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