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UBT Sponsor Training (classroom, virtual)

Course description

It is critical for steward sponsors and management sponsors to invest in the development of the unit-based team, which will have a long-term impact on the organization, and to learn about tools and resources available to them in their sponsor role. This course is designed to help union, physician and management sponsors discover the benefits of effective sponsorship and how it can help them develop successful, sustainable unit-based teams.

Union and management sponsors will gain an awareness of how their role is critical to the transformation of how the work at Kaiser Permanente is done.

Path to Performance

Level 2


3 hours

Who should attend

This course is intended for participants who are sponsors of unit-based teams. Job categories who should attend labor, management and physician.

Course requirements

Labor Management Partnership Orientation (LMPO)

Tools - ColorGet the Tools

Sponsors for UBTs strike a balance between coaching, leading and removing barriers. Use these tools to help you walk that fine line. 


Enrollment information

For in-person classroom training, contact your regional training leaders for more information.


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