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UBT Roles

Pediatrics team huddles

A broad range of roles are represented when the Pedatrics UBT  at the Richmond Medical Center (Northern California) meets: Shirley Chao, receptionist and OPEIU Local 29; Deana Santana, secretary and OPEIU Local 29 members; manager Cynthia Ramirez; Susana Acevedo, MD; Jill Sandino, medical assistant and SEIU-UHW member; Sonia Clark, licensed vocational nurse and SEIU-UHW member; Cynthia Hunt, appointment supply analyst; and Karen Sorey, MD. 

A unit-based team includes all managers, physicians, dentists and partnership union members in the work unit. All employees in the unit participate and support the team in meeting its goals and objectives.

UBT members

For the team to move up and become high performing, its important for all team members  to:

  • complete UBT training
  • attend and participate in meetings
  • represent the interests and perspectives of others — not just their own
  • use UBT processes collaboratively and with an open mind toward mutually acceptable results
  • maintain open, direct, and respectful communication
  • support partnership principles
  • communicate regularly with staff in the department
  • honor confidentiality agreements
  • actively support all team decisions

Visit the Team Member Engagement toolkit to learn more. 

UBT co-leads

Each UBT has a management and labor co-lead. In departments with physicians, it’s ideal to have a physician co-lead as well. Co-leads organize the team’s meetings and huddles and make sure the team’s performance improvement work stays on track.

The role of UBT co-leads is to:

  • advocate for partnership success
  • prepare for meetings and huddles
  • use appropriate meeting management tools
  • communicate early and often
  • troubleshoot where appropriate
  • act as point person for information
  • keep team records
  • ensure team is following charter and charter is relevant
  • communicate with others (including sponsors and stakeholders)
  • make off-line decisions when needed
  • build relationships and share expectations with co-lead partner(s)

Visit the Leadership toolkit to learn more. 

UBT sponsors

Sponsors are the go-to people for UBT co-leads, providing resources, guidance and oversight for teams.

The role of UBT sponsors is to:

  • review the team’s progress on department’s UBT goals
  • promote the use of the Rapid Improvement Model (RIM+) to improve department performance
  • support full team engagement
  • remove barriers and assist, as needed, with attaining data for team’s performance improvement projects
  • recognize the team’s accomplishments
  • spread successful practices

Visit the Sponsorship toolkit to learn more. 

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