How to Implement a Facility-Wide UBT Strategy


How to Implement a Facility-Wide UBT Strategy

Developing a proven plan

When your team is on the same page, you all succeed—individually and collectively. By using these team-tested best practices, you can create a proven unit-based team strategy.

1. Provide sponsors and teams with ample and frequent training.

Offer frequent refreshers on Consensus Decision Making, Interest-Based Problem Solving, and the Rapid Improvement Model and its plan, do, study, act steps.

2. Make good use of your local experts.

Work with your management and union leaders and your facility’s project managers to identify their areas of knowledge and assign them to teams needing that expertise.

3. Create one consolidated list.

Include all the just-in-time, classroom and web-based (KP Learn) courses that meet Path to Performance requirements. Make the list and course-request process easily accessible.

4. Involve sponsors and subject matter experts.

They should sit in on the LMP Council and require regular updates. Identify common issues and address them.

5. Have teams do a “project prioritization matrix.”

This should be done annually after year-end assessments. Download the tool at

6. Distribute and use LMP and performance improvement tools.

Everyone should be looking to learn on a continual basis.


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