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Comparing the Levels of the Attendance Toolkit

color photo of all three attendance toolkit areas

Use this chart to figure out which toolkit to use with your team

What is our current state?Our current attendance is fine. We want to keep up the good work!Our current attendance needs some improvement. We may be having issues with employee and managers communicating about attendance.We need to turn around our attendance performance completely.
What interventions might be needed?My team needs opportunities and tools to assist us in maintaining and sustaining our current performance.I’m looking to do a project that will help us improve our attendance.We need stakeholder engagement and professional guidance to improve our attendance.
What are our capabilities?The information we need to learn can be done independently and at our own pace.Co-leads work well together. We are a functional team that can work on projects internally. We’re comfortable using performance improvement tools.The team needs help! We have multiple needs concerning conflict, lack of engagement, etc.
How is the toolkit level delivered?Completely self-paced. Use the tools from the LMP website individually and as a team.Internal resources can facilitate. Someone on your team can train or deliver.External resource helps to deliver training and consultation.



Calendar/Schedule - Color Download this chart

Print out this chart to post on a bulletin board or pass out at a meeting.


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