Team-Tested Practices
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Keeping proper logs can save money and help departments run more efficiently.

Accurate Work Logs Lead to Better Care

Inaccurate or missing data in a log sheet can create treatment delays and add stress for the patient. A histology department in the Northwest hit their documentation compliance only a little better than half the time. The team reformatted the log sheets to clarify and define the tasks, which helped to reduce confusion. They also set up more frequent reminders, double-checked the log sheets and discussed their goals at their regular stand-up meetings. In a year, the team improved to 75.9 percent documentation compliance which helped to increase patient confidence.

Here's What Worked

  • Reformatting the log sheets to clarify tasks and reduce confusion
  • Discussing the goals of compliance regularly and setting deadlines for completing logs
  • Double-checking the logs to ensure quality of process and relieve patient anxiety

What can your team do to improve your work process? 

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