Team-Tested Practices
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Thanks to Kaiser Permanente's integrated care model and electronic health records, opthalmology departments can help patients get important health screenings.

Engaging Eye Exams Prompt Preventive Screenings

Preventive screenings are key to early detection and treatment of conditions and diseases, so encouraging patients to receive needed screenings helps manage their health. The Redwood City Ophthalmology unit-based team increased preventive cancer screenings among patients through engagement and education. They used peer-to-peer coaching and training of staff, and physician awareness and education, and then measured the level of staff engagement with patients and successful screenings. In a four-month period, 96 percent of patients who were engaged agreed to undergo a preventive health screening.

Here's What Worked

  • Measuring level of staff engagement with patients and successful screenings
  • Coaching and peer-to-peer training of staff
  • Building physician awareness and education

What can your team do to increase staff and patient engagement? What type of coaching does your team need to be succesful? 

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