Team-Tested Practices

Interdisciplinary Rounds Improve Patient Care

This intensive care unit in Southern California won a prestigious award from a nursing organization and keeps hospital-acquired infections at bay. Morale is high and turnover is low. What’s the team’s secret? Doctors, managers and caregivers actively cultivate a #FreeToSpeak culture. Daily rounds on patients include professionals from a variety of health care disciplines, in an atmosphere where everyone’s input is valued. “If people don’t feel comfortable speaking up, there may be a problem that goes unsolved,” says Sharon Kent, the department administrator.

Here's What Worked

  • Gathering caregivers from a range of disciplines to meet and round on patients together
  • Listening with respect
  • Encouraging nurses and other care givers to speak up, ask questions and offer suggestions

What can your team do to build an environment where workers feel safe sharing ideas and concerns? What else could your team do to engage everyone in performance improvement efforts?


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