Team-Tested Practices
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Every interaction with a patient provides members of this team with an opportunity to sign members up for, enabling them to access care via computer and smartphone any time, anywhere. 

Promoting Online Care and Coverage for Members

Dismayed by low registration rates, the Marlow Heights Member Experience team set out to boost enrollment on the online portal. Receptionists paired up to register patients for while checking them in for appointments. Staffers also held friendly competitions to see who could sign up the most members and they hosted promotional fairs with prizes for those who signed up. Things really improved when doctors, nurses, and clinical assistants joined together to speak with patients about the benefits of and encourage them to register. In one year, the team increased the percentage of members with active accounts from 60.8 percent to 65.3 percent—meeting the regional goal.

Here's What Worked

  • Involving the entire team in the effort to register members on
  • Pairing up receptionists to sign up members for while checking them in for appointments
  • Hosting promotional fairs and friendly staff competitions to enroll members on

What can your team do to increase use of

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