Team-Tested Practices
Eye exam.

Health is a team effort, and specialty departments such as ophthalmology can pitch in to encourage patients to get cancer screenings.

Raise Your Patients' Cancer-Screening Awareness

Getting screened for cancer — breast, cervical, colorectal — is one way that patients can take charge. Encouraging them to get these tests is often the motivation they need, so the Redwood City Ophthalmology UBT took that idea and ran with it. Through education and engagement, the team set out to reach 100 percent of their members. Their hope was to get 94 percent positive response rate. Of the 75 percent of members they engaged, 96 percent said they would get screened for these cancers.

Here's What Worked

  • Reporting weekly on staff engagement with patients
  • Training and peer-to-peer coaching of staff
  • Educating physicians on awareness

What can your team do to leverage KP's unique tools for prevention to keep patients healthy? 


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