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How to Help KP Grow

Receptionists at work.

Frontline workers have a key role to play in winning and keeping Kaiser Permanente members.

Everyone wins when health plan membership increases

Good things happen when more members join Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente and our unions gain strength and stability. Good jobs become more available and secure. More people in our communities benefit from KP’s affordable, quality care.

And all KP employees can help make those things happen.

For example, the Labor Management Partnership and KP’s sales and marketing organization work together in unique ways to build KP health plan membership. Thanks to their efforts, in 2014:

  • 125,000 KP members joined or stayed with the health plan. 
  • 100,000 KP members or potential members got letters from their local unions encouraging them to select KP during open enrollment.
  • KP union ambassadors reached 20,000 potential KP members at worksite, community and union events in five regions.

Workers tell their story

In addition, thousands of KP workers, managers and physicians in unit-based teams win and keep KP members by delivering great care and service every day.

Louise Casa, a nurse practitioner, UFCW Local 400 member and union ambassador in the Mid-Atlantic States, says all workers have stories to tell about what makes KP a better place to give and get care.

“I share the story of being part of a partnership that values union workers and their ideas,” she says. “I talk about our unit-based team work on goals for care improvement, problem solving and workflow improvement in our departments. People in the community been very interested in the UBT process.”

What you can do

Everyone has a role to play in helping Kaiser Permanente grow and retain its membership. It starts with the work we do every day to serve members and patients:

  • Deliver the best member experience. If you know someone is a new member, take an extra minute to explain how things work.
  • Encourage members to sign up for Surveys show that members who sign on are more likely to stay with Kaiser Permanente.
  • Look for ways to improve work processes or cut waste, to help keep KP affordable for the people we serve.

Quick links to additional resources

  • Get additional tips to help promote KP at: Be KP [KP intranet].
  • Answer questions people may have about KP: Become a KP Member [KP intranet].
  • And get insights and updates on KP’s business success: Marketplace Focus [KP intranet].

Graph/Improvement - Color What Frontline Workers Are Doing to Grow KP Membership

Learn more about KP and the union coalition's strategy for growing membership—and its results:

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