Team-Tested Practices
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Low morale can kill productivity. A little communication can help.

Rebuild a Team’s Morale by Getting Them to Talk

A team divided on itself cannot stand. And when morale hits rock bottom, there is nowhere to go but up. That’s where talking it out comes in. A team in San Rafael, California, did just that. With the help of the regional LMP and UBT consultants, the team engaged in a series of interest-based problem-solving exercises. They addressed communication, trust, honesty and transparency, and worked to reduce negativity. They also introduced 8 a.m. daily huddles to improve the flow of information. Slowly participation increased and the team achieved a Level 5 on the Path to Performance.

Here's What Worked

  • Reaching out to LMP and UBT consultants for help
  • Opening the lines of communication, including daily huddles
  • Working the problem

What can your team do to improve communication?  What else could your team do to create a psychologically safe environment? 


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