Team-Tested Practices
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Low morale can kill productivity. A little communication can help.

Rebuild a Team’s Morale by Getting Them to Talk

A team divided on itself, cannot stand. And when morale hits rock bottom, there is little to do. That’s where talking it out comes in and one team in San Rafael, California, did just that. With the help of the regional LMP and UBT consultants, the team engaged in a series of interest-based problem-solving exercises. They addressed communication, trust, honesty and transparency, and worked to reduce negativity. They also introduced 8 a.m. daily huddles to improve the flow of information. Slowly participation increased and the team achieved a Level 5 on the Path to Performance.

What Got Results

  • Reaching out to LMP and UBT consultants for help
  • Opening the lines of communication, including daily huddles
  • Working the problem
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